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"A business without a vision is directionless. It lacks purpose. (...) But a vision without a plan is only a hope. A vision needs a plan to make it come alive. to make it a reality." Michael E. Gerber

Feasibility Study

The Feasibility study analyses at your company and your products/services and verifies if it is possible to enter the US Market.  We will verify that there is potential demand for your product or service, check if there are any regulatory or other issues that would prevent a successful  entry into the market.

Market Entry Study

Market size and Market Share 

  • How large is the  market for your products in the US  

  • How has it grown over the last 3 years?  

  • How is it expected to grow over the next 3 years?

  •  How is the market segmented?

  • How will the macro economic conditions going to affect the possibility to entry into the  Market?


Market Channels

  • How is the product distributed in the US?

  • How are the distribution channels structured today? What are the changes expected in the future? What is driving change?

  • This study will include a list of  distributors and/or retailers which compose the channels for the product.

Regulatory Analysis

  • What regulations  must be considered when the client exports to the USA?  

  • Preparation of Labels.

  • What regulatory hurdles represent the greatest challenges to other producers who export to the US/Brazilian market?  How do these exporters overcome said hurdles?

  • Are there tariffs and/or quotas for the project?

Competitive Analysis

  • Who are the competitors in the same category as the client?  

  • What is their pricing strategy?

  • How do they position their products?

Market Entry Considerations

  • What is needed to successfully compete in the market in terms of pricing, quality, sales efforts, and time commitment?

  • Can the client compete on price in the market or is there other differentiating factor?

  • Is the brand appropriate for the Market?

  • Is the labeling appropriate for the Market?

Business Plan

  • Executive Summary

  • Situation Analysis

  • Marketing Tactics

  • Financials

  • Control

  • All the data used in a typical business plan will be secondary data.


Our typical Business Plan will attend the needs of most of the small business owners, but we also offer any necessary adjustment to attend each one needs. We also provide as add-on services:

  • Market Group Studies

  • Field Survey

  • Interviews

  • Primary data collection



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