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Our Services

Your office in the United states

Turnkey is different from other consulting companies. Most other companies only offer studies and strategies, leaving the client to implement the project on their own. We not only recommend strategies to enter new markets, we implement the entire project along with the client. We offer complete services for the internationalization of the the client including: Planning, Structuring, Export Management, Sales Management (Marketplace), Logistics and Financial Services.

Strategy + Tactics


Turnkey helps you to implement your own strategy. Along with the client, we prepare an action plan that is a measurable platform that ensures the implementation of the strategic plan. Using Turnkey, your projects' deployment time is extremely reduced. The customer gains access to the market, with over 30 years of our experience, without having to set up and structure an office.

The best way to start any business venture is to develop a s Plan. Feasibility Studies, Market Entry  Studies, Business Plans all provide priceless information for decision makers to guide your business. The planning phase will guide the client and is critical  to minimize risks and enhance success.


Creating the correct business structure allows the client to minimize liabilities and risks as well as to take advantage of the best fiscal structure available.

We evaluate the best structure, not only looking at the local impact but the consequences of the structure in the client's home country.

Export Management

Export Management is a comprehensive set
of services that eliminate the need for the client to maintain their own office in the United States. Our team in the United States works in collaboration the client's headquarters to create and maintain a local presence in the US market.

Logistics Management

Our experts can analyze your
company and its strategy to suggest
and implement the best solution for the
transport, storage and distribution of
your products to your customers.

Sales Management (Marketplace)

If Required Turnkey can hire and manage your sales team in the United States.

We can also add your products and services into the local marketplace via Amazon and other online marketplaces.

Financial Services

We have several financial solutions
that will help your company improve its
cash flow and maintain the growth of
exports / imports.

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